Sessa’s bakery was born in 1930 from an hug, the Sfogliatella’s one.

A 90-years old history, today more relevant than ever. Because the deliciousness of Sessa has no time.

Everything was born from an embrace, the one between Anna and Gaetano that since 1930 have been creating a strong love story made of passion and genuine ingredients.

In 1970, the son Sabato Sessa decided to carry on the real family’s feelings and translated them in a new venue and in a new bakery vision. In Ottaviano, Sessa has been retracing the values of Neapolitan tradition, offering them to its customers to celebrate a special occasion or to mark everyday life.

Today the young Gaetano, who as well as the grandfather’s passion has also the name, revisited the family tradition and elevated the Sfogliatella to a symbol of handcrafted Neapolitan bakery in the world: the innovation that looks to the past as inspiration mood, the innovation that looks to the future as growth goal.

The Sfogliatella
and an italian cup
of coffee, do you
smell the fragrance?

Everything takes life here, from a treasure chest that preserves a surprising filling, from an aesthetic object similar to a food design masterpiece, from many and many sheets that overlap together until to open with a sweet fragrance. The Sfogliatella is more than a simple bake product, it’s Neapolitan essence, it’s history, tradition and culture.

A taste explosion that find its accomplishment in the unique aroma of a little cup of Neapolitan coffee. A combination as obvious as perfect. Do you smell the fragrance? From today you can bring it at home with just a click.

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