The flavors
of Neapolitan tradition

Our love story began 90 years ago and it lasts even today.

When Sessa comes by, it leaves an incomparable fragrance that tastes of air, sun and the sea. It’s the essence of Naples, which envelops everything with all its emotion. That’s are the fruits of volcanic land of Vesuvio, it’s an embrace of love that was born from a rich tradition.

A 90-years old history, today more relevant than ever. Because the deliciousness of Sessa has no time.

Only the best
raw materials
for our productions

Sessa’s products are a lot, all united by the same values: craftsmanship, Neapolitan culture, quality of raw ingredients. They are oven fresh bakery products that just expect to be tasted.

Every product has its own history, its ingredients and tells in his own way the tradition of its territory. All of this to be revisited with taste.

Follow the fragrance

To find Sessa’s products you just need to follow the inimitable scent of oven fresh Sfogliatelle. A smell that has been pervading the Ottaviano’s city centre for 90 years, at the bottom of Vesuvio, where can be found the first historical Sessa’ bakery.

Discover the shop and stay tuned about all new upcoming Sessa’s stores.

We bring the Neapolitan tradition
in the world.

Sessa proudly attends projects and actions aimed to support the internationalization process of Italian companies financed by the European Union, the Italian State and the Campania region.

Thanks to the support of Regional Operative Program FESR 2014/2020, Sessa developed a wide strategic plan to open up new European and international markets.


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