La sfogliatella


There are few places in the world that over time have been able to maintain a particular charm and light. One of them is Naples. The scent of the air, the heat of the sun, the fruits of the lava land of Vesuvius, the sound of the sea inspired the passion of Gaetano and Anna Sessa. From their simple embrace of love, there is a tradition that still lives today.

A story that continues from the 30s of the last century and that every day is renewed in a unique and inimitable product: “the Sfogliatella

SABATO SESSA – The ambassador of tradition

Inspired by this special love and by the same charming light, their son – Sabato Sessa – gives new lymph to the family tradition by founding the historic seat of the Sessa’s pastry shop in Ottaviano. It’s the 70s, it’s a changed Naples. Even values are no longer those of a time. But Sabato Sessa perpetuates with dedication and care the path taken, is a challenge that puts the true values in the center, once again. His hands create, mold, decorate pastry products capable of bringing pleasure and joy in the most special occasions as well as in everyday life.

GAETANO SESSA – The contemporary side of pastry

It is a story of loyalty, consistency, and continuous research. It is the story of a great passion that today bears the name of Gaetano Sessa: the third generation, the 21st century. A new vision, a more ambitious goal: embracing the whole world with the same spirit that moved Gaetano and Anna. Thanks to Gaetano, taste becomes art, innovation and modern appeal.


Thanks to the support of the Regional Operational Programme FESR 2014/2020, Sessa has decided to enter new markets through participation in national and international trade fairs.


Nothing better than its unique taste can speak about the sfogliatella, but SESSA adds to it a few, essential traits to make it in a rule of art:

It is typically Neapolitan

 It has a refined and playful shape

It is a beautiful “food design” object

It looks like a sophisticated jewel

It is made with authentic mastery

It has a heart with a surprising filling


Today the sfogliatella – typically known as a sweet – is also presented in its salty version. Innovative, tasty but always true to its identity.

It maintains its typical shape

It is proposed in the same size as the sweet one

It is being filled by hand at the moment

It comes in delicious creamy recipes, combining the crispness of the dough with the softness of the filling.


As if you were in our pastry shop, this section is intended to take you into the heart of our production and making. Choose your ideal tray and let yourself be captured by the shapes, the beauty and the fragrance of our sfogliatella. Make a step further: come and visit us at our stores to enjoy the scent and the flavor of our sweet world.


Classic: Orange, Vanilla and Cinnamon

Interdonato Lemon (Slow Food Presidium)

 Gobino Dark Chocolate Chontalpa 80% (Slow Food Presidium)

PGI Annurca Apple (seasonal)

Biological Hazelnuts from Alba by Azienda Agricola Altalanga

The fillings proposed by SESSA come from the combination of authentic local ingredients, inspired by traditional recipes and made special with an extra touch of love!


The SALTY SFOGLIATELLA is an absolute novelty in the Italian taste. The fillings proposed by SESSA originate from the combination of original ingredients from the territory, elaborated according to traditional recipes but innovated by the know-how and creativity of contemporary chefs.


Sfogliatella “Neaples Rustic Style” with filling of Salami and Auricchio Cheese, topped with ground black pepper

Sfogliatella with filling of Zucchini and Zucchini Blossoms, topped with pumpkin seeds

Sfogliatella with filling of Eggplant, topped with poppy seeds

Sfogliatella with filling of Ricotta and Spinach, topped with sesame seeds

Sfogliatella with filling of Friarielli (Rabe) and Sausage, topped with fennel seeds

In addition to the recipes above, seasonal creations – designed to use only the ingredients at their best – integrate the all-year-round offer.

La sfogliatella meets coffee

So, if the Neapolitan tradition sees the Sfogliatella as the absolute protagonist of the pastry tradition, one cannot miss the embracing fragrance and unique taste of OUR COFFEE.

For us at SESSA1930, coffee is not just coffee. It is an unmistakable experience, full of surprises for the senses. The careful selection of the blend and the roasting made in Naples, make our coffee special: intense, deep, full-bodied, typically Neapolitan.

Our coffee is already served sweetened – take it or leave it!

But it is better not to leave it as sweetness is given by a coffee cream, obtained from the first drops that come out and are immediately mixed with sugar to form a thick and fragrant cream.

We called it “Crema Nannì”, because that was how Anna Sessa, Gaetano’s grandmother used to make it and it is still made nowadays: ‘cause this is art of taste to us.

Last but not least, to crown what we could call an authentic ritual of pleasure,  two small cuddles that make SESSA1930 coffee even more special: a teaspoon made of dark chocolate with 66% of cocoa from São Tomé and Principe (the island located in front of the African coasts, also called “the chocolate island”) and a small glass of sparkling water, which signs – with a bubbly touch – the conclusion of a real tasting.

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